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How it all started.

A few years ago, at a circuit meeting a suggestion was made that the circuit should have a worship team to take the message around the circuit in a different way. This was considered a good idea. The next question was what is a worship team and what does it do? The answer was — whatever you like.
This was an answer that gave little away while at the same time giving considerable flexibility. So, always ready for a challenge we formed a team which consisted of:
  • Dave and Bren Bissenden
  • Bridget Bennett
  • Barry Huetson
We considered various options finally deciding on taking stories from the Bible and giving them a new slant, that would be made up of a monologues and duologues developed in such a way that they invited the congregation to imagine the setting in which they took place and the consequences of what happened.
We then had to decide how we would go about it. There was a number of books using poetry, drama, music etc. available that we could use but we realised that if we used one or more of these, we would have to buy a number of copies for each team or copy the sections we wanted to use which would bring up the question of copyright. Taking this into account we decided to write our own.
While on occasions we have used poems or reading from other sources we either credit the original author or if this was not available have noted them as anonymous. In our case we were perfectly happy for appropriate copies to be made. We also found that though there were scripts set out it was perfectly acceptable for the reader to change words or grammar in such a way as to be more comfortable to their particular style. The only provisos were that the reader would not go off into extended flights of fancy and, if a duologue, the reader would remember to give the appropriate line for the next reader to pick up.

They could also be used on their own or as part of a service using hymns and prayers to enhance the theme or they could be used as an element of a wider presentation.

Our approach was to take a situation, research on the way this would play out in the social setting of the time and then create a setting based on the original story. Our characters would then demonstrate the way in which people at the time could be affected by what happened. The final scene would, in most cases, provide a summing up with a message.

In offering them for use by individual churches or groups, we hope that they may prove to be of value.

With our blessings,
Dave, Bren, Bridget and Barry

Service Plans.

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