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Second Mile Project.

The Second Mile Project this year focusses on Israel/Palestine and the work of the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem.

Rev John Howard is a Mission Partner working in the Liaison Office and recently recounted his experience of arriving home late and ready for a cup of coffee. When he turned the tap on the fill the kettle only a few drops of water appeared. In Bethlehem, where he lives, homes have a cistern under the basement that should hold a month’s supply. Water from there is pumped to the normal sort of header tanks. The cistern is filled up when water is on for them; this might be one day in twenty. Read more on John’s blog.
The Hope School Bet Jala is one of the projects supported by the Liaison Office and its principal purpose is to provide education and boarding for disadvantaged children aged 3-6 and 11yrs-18yrs from the West Bank area. The children come from the neediest of families, and Christian and Muslim alike are brought up in a loving, Christian environment. Some children have been rejected by other schools. At the end of Year 12, the students take the Government School Leaving exams and are encouraged to carry on with further education at University or College.
Children who are unable to stay at home are found sponsors and they are given a stable and safe place to stay in the School’s Boarding section and for these, clothes, study materials and 3 hot meals are provided daily. Hope School’s main objective is to continue to provide good education and boarding for children from poor families or who have social problems, free of charge. There are no Government Grants available. Funding comes from individuals, churches and Charities such as: United Methodist Church USA, and a few individual people in Europe and USA. Since the children come from the poorest families, the parents are unable to contribute financially towards school fees, food, clothing etc. The School generates some local income by its small projects: selling olive wood products and selling eggs from its Chicken Farm to restaurants and shops in the area. This income supplies about 10% of the boarder's food costs per year, as well as providing the boarders with fresh eggs. Hope School is always in need of prayers and support. Your donations and prayers transform marginalised teenagers into successful people in life. Hope School Christian teaching leads them on the right path in life. To know more about Hope School please visit; www.hopesschoolbeitjala.com
(Written by Laila at the Hope School, extract from the Supporting Church Newsletter, December 2017)

Funds raised through the Second Mile Project will be directed through the World Mission Fund to the Hope School Bet Jala.